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About Snake Valley Quarter Horses

reformationreformation Welcome to Snake Valley Quarter Horses. My name is Pam Neal, I am a Professional Trainer in the Western Breeds Industry, specialising in Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle. I train for the public from Snake Valley Quarter Horses. Training in Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Trail, Halter, Showmanship etc.

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I am situated in Snake Valley where I have been training and breeding for over 10 years. My Husband George along with my daughter Sarah and I are on 20 acres which has 7 stables all with day yards, Hot Wash, huge tack room, feed room which all adjoins a covered in arena. We also have an outdoor arena and a round pen. Each horse in training has their own paddock which are all fitted with Sighter Wire and are electrified. Each horse goes out during the day after their training and are then brought back in at night and are under lights.

I am also a Quarter Horse Breeder. I like to keep it small. I have a great passion for 2 and 3 year olds and thoroughly enjoy getting them ready for the big events that we have here in Australia. Whether it be Quarter Horses, Paints or Appaloosa's, I have had success with all three breeds. I have campaigned lots of my own stock as 2 and 3 year olds, most have sold New Zealand, these babies were mainly by my original stud "Chicks Impressive Charm" (dec.). Those that have been sold to New Zealand have proven themselves to be very competitive and are often Hi Point QH for the year ending.

reformationreformation era clip art Here you can visit my my beautiful recent stallion ASSETS N CASH his oldest progeny will be 2 this coming August, 2011.

My mission is to teach my Amateurs and my Youth riders everything I know, I hold nothing back, with me there are no surprises, everything I teach is exactly how I train. Therefore, when an Amateur or a Youth hops on their horse they will know exactly what I do.

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reformation I get the most pleasure out of what I do when I see the owners faces light up or when they cry for joy, even at small shows when their horse does well. It would most definitely be my favourite part of the training process.

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reformationreformation As others will tell you, I am very dedicated at what I do, very passionate about what I do and very positive about what I do.

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If you would like to chat about having your horse trained by me, give me a call on 0402 675187 or email me at

I also own Equine Bodyworx. If your horse is in need of relief from pain or inflammation click on to the logo on the left of the page or you can give me a call on 0402675187 to discuss a visit. I use Bioscan, Equissage, Patches and Sports Massage Therapy.

I am an Independent Distributor for "Lifewave" Patches. These patches are extraordinary. I use them a lot on the horses that I show. The "Icewave" patches are great for taking away pain and inflamation when placed on correct acupressure points, they can be used along with "Energy Enhancer" patches, these are great for improving energy say for Race Horses; Trotters; Cutters; Reiners and even old retired horses that would appreciate the energy enhancement. They can also be used for pain. These and other patches can be used on certain acupressure points to help calm nervous horses and to decrease stress in horses and humans! 


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